KIBS 9th Korea - International Boat Show

The Multifunction Kayak from the world’s largest producer of inflatables for water sports is a standout because of its unique versatility: use it for rowing, paddling and fishing. Woosung/Korea produces over 60,000 inflatable SUP boards per year. Using a technology perfected through decades of fine-tuning, Woosung is now expanding its extensive kayak line with a new fishing kayak made of its extremely durable dropstitch fabric. Dropstitch fabric, with thousands of fine polyester filaments between the deck and the bottom surface of the water-sport inflatable, provides incomparable rigidity. Unlike conventional inflatable kayaks, the WINGFISH is not only rigid but also very light.

Minutes after taking the WINGFISH from the trunk of your car you will be rowing, paddling, or using your kayak with any standard electric outboard motor. The special new feature of the WINGFISH is the 2 side wings that when folded out create a stable platform to stand on and fish from. Further ensuring a solid footing while standing and fishing is a height-adjustable aluminum safety bar to hold on to or lean on.

For rowing or paddling just fold up the side wings. On the WINGFISH you can glide in water just 6 inches (15 cm) deep! After fishing just stow the kayak away in the trunk of your car. Equipped with fishing rod holders and rubber netting to secure all of your gear, the WINGFISH is a welcome alternative to difficult-to-transport rowboats.


KXone Europe Exhibitions

20. - 28.01.2018 BOOT Duesseldorf World of Paddling Hall 13 A77
05. - 07.10.2018 Paddle Expo Nürnberg


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